“APPLEBUM”, put their unique sense that was raised in Asia’s representative city Tokyo, as well as the “fresh” influence from Hip Hop into their clothes making. Their own style of making ideas into designs and into shapes with a special Japanese wit “a sense of fine balance” makes them  one of a few brands who carries Japanese identity to the world. They have done a number of collaborations with active artists around the world such as the foreign artists “WU-TANG CLAN” and “Q-Tip”, and also “MURO”, “DJ KENTARO”, “Mighty Crown” from Japan. In recent years, as they took a part in the big project by “STUSSY”, their vigorous activity is fresh in our memory.

On the other hand, the leading street brand “UNDEFEATED” is based on the west coast of the U.S. and they are born with the genuine American culture, and also familiar with sports and military. They have worked on collaboration model/consulting with a number of national sport brand such as “NIKE”, “adidas”, “PUMA”, “NEW BALANCE” and “REEBOK”, and also all the shoe brands from “VANS”, “CONVERSE”, “K・SWISS”, “TIMBERLAND” to “visvim”.

These two brands stand up to create a new foundation of street culture in this “TOKYO” with a lead of “UNDEFEATED TOKYO” which had a renewal shift at the end of May 2011. A work piece with impressive lettering of graphics that visually appeal to people’s emotions which increases a sense of belonging to the brand, or another piece with a scene drawn, that symbolizes a dramatic story. A rush of ideas have been expressed with APPLEBUM’s original graphics, to mark the beginning of new relationship between LA-TOKYO. The collection is also oriented to introduce the bonds and strength of local communities in TOKYO.


When the story comes in mind vividly at a glance, that is a proof of the best storyteller who can drive the viewer into own world in a moment. No explanation is needed for a scene of arousing feeling of joy, and it proves that there is no language barrier in those inspirational moments. “Sneaker culture” apparently seems to have dissociated from the ordinary life. But the scene reminds that it can actually happen to anyone, it is right next to the casual, everyday moments. The scene which any father of a child would imagine, is drawn into an impressive piece with a warm touch, which is APPLEBUM’s specialty.

Sport makes people crazy with excitement regardless of nationality or race, age, gender. UNDEFEATED, who has great love for the American sports, has made extensive use of graphics that’s related to sports, to their main apparel collections since their founding.

On the other hand, when it comes to the God of basketball born in America, the APPLEBUM crew has strong faith that’s no less than Americans. In this piece, by exploring the exciting moments in sports from the Japanese perspective, and made it into a challenging piece which was assembled from scratch as a sport graphics. And the Japanese pro baseball, which is a representative sport of Japan. Motif is an American backer who kept shining out with his power and presense in the midst of the former players who played spectacularly. The famous, lively scene is expressed completely with the logos of both brands who are self-confessed representative sport freaks of the U.S. and Japan.


The biggest attraction of this collection is the “graphic” that represents a bridge between the street culture of LA – TOKYO. Among gangstar culture which was derived from LA street, distinctive lettering signs indicating their communities have played an important role in enhancing a sense of belonging and strong solidarity among the group. In this piece, “old English font” was restructured nattily with Japanese letters. It’s a piece of work that represents Tokyo local community who have particularly strong bonds, and we hold it as a proof of Japanese.