Having already seen the Undercover fragrances Holygrace & Holygraphie, which was part of a collaboration with Comme des Garcons here is a great short film from AnOther to accompany the product. Based on the image of his “wilfully handmade” stuffed toy creatures Grace and her child Grapie, the fragrances Takahashi says “express ambivalence – the violence of children and the sensuality of adults.”

Jun Takahashi: “Ever since they first came into contact, the uncanny Graces* and human beings have kept at a watchful distance from each other. Although sometimes Graces seem hostile towards humans, tense situations seldom build up into open confrontation. GILA** – a secretive organization that is shrouded in mystery, the closest to the Graces – has played a crucial role in fostering a stable relationship between both species. So far, they have coexisted rather well…”

*Graces: White, fluffy creatures with luminous eyes. Generally peaceful towards humans, they might become defiant due to their territorial nature. It is advised to keep at a cautious distance from them.

**GILA: The sole organization that has succeeded in breeding and protecting Graces through interaction with them. All members are said to require special qualifications. As the legend goes, GILA might stand for any – or all – of the following: Grace of Inspiration and Lasting Adoration; Grace of Industry and Luster of Ashes; Grace of Imagination, Locomotion and Admiration.

Watch the video HERE.