Nigo recently gave us a preview of a very exiciting sneaker collaboration between long time partners Jun Takahashi (Undercover) and himself (Bape). This particular collabo is based on Undercover’s  classic rendition of the Jack Purcell sneaker, adding also Bape’s very own classic green camo. The sneaker will be released at the Japanese fashion duo’s recently re-opened NOWHERE store at Dover Street Market in London.

This sneaker I feel certainly has a strong historical significance as the former store partners’ paths reconverge after many years of individual success. Both labels have over the past 15 years  have gone great lengths from it’s humble street fashion beginnings. No other product is really more fitting for a Nowhere rerelease, definitely a great product which I’m sure many BAPE and/or Undercover fans  can look forward to.  Take a look below.



Take a look at Nigo and Jun Takahashi’s former Nowhere Store feature on the Last Orgy 2 video below.