Here is the first look at the Unfamiliar Vintage Book Project by Garbstore which is set to release in London, Tokyo and L.A in the not to far future, thanks to Black Lodges. Shot by Tom Craig and featuring actor Thom Browne, the idea was to produce 6 handmade books which will be hidden at 3 vintage markets creating a very unique concept. Read on to learn more about th project with words from Ian Paley.

“This book describes a much more hand made project I’ve been working on with photographer Tom Craig and my actor pal Thom Browne, Thom always models for me and is kind of the guy who encapsulates what Garbstore hopes to achieve…

The idea is to produce 6 hand made photo albums documenting a shoot for a fashion brand, an insiders look at our day of shooting around west London, the prints will be hand placed and unfamiliar sized poloroid prints,     ( hand printed Polaroids!)  we used a vintage lense with a special adapter for a Canon 5D, a kind of cut & shut of cameras…

The books themselves are deadstock chinese film stick photo albums and will be hand annotated in both English and Japanese describing the locations and our though process surrounding the day.

Everything we have tried, every shot we have taken has an element of Unfamiliar vintage to it.. the beauty of it lies in the fact we are giving the 6 books away, for 2$, £1  and 100 Yen

They will be hidden in 3 vintage markets.. Portobello London, Koenji in Tokyo and a spot in LA to be announced nearer the time… The books are being made now. If the books are discovered they can be sent back to us as we would very much like to have them! They are to go on a journey first in the hope they will return. If they come back we will compensate the return well…”