The first delivery of what will be around 25 pieces from Unholy Matrimony’s 2009 collection has arrived at the Comme des Garcons Guerrilla Store +1 213. I had a chance to try out all the pieces pictured inside this post, and I must say that the fit and quality are both great. Artist and Designer, Brett Westfall, does a nice job combining high-quality construction with forward thinking avant-garde design to create his pieces. The shirts feature same amazing tailoring and little details like dual pockets located on top of one another, a flannel vest that is stitched on top of the tee shirt that lies underneath, and pants that feature some very nice lining and rugged construction. In addition to the shirts and pants, there are 2 small bags in a lavender color and black perfect for toting around some small items. Check inside for a glimpse of what is coming from Unholy Matrimony.