A few days ago we gave you a small preview on things to come from Uniform Experiment, now the entire fall/winter 2009 collection is officially online. Formed through a collaboration between two of the most influential people in the street fashion industry, Hirofumi Kiyonaga of Soph.net and Hiroshi Fujiwara. The labels philosophy is to provide a range for the now-grown ups who still have ‘streetwear’ blood running through their veins.

While the previous collection was largely composed of monochromatic white-collar styled pieces. This new collection nicely reflect the philosophy including mature and classically tailored pieces mixed with some young and bold colors. The result is an impressive collection that will likely appeal to a wide range of fashion goers. We’ll definitely expect alot more great things from this label in the future. Check out the images below. Or check out their full collection on the website here.