The uniform experiment Spring/Summer 2011 Collection completes the trio of labels under the SOPH. umbrella and with the “England’s Dreaming” theme we see a strong tribute to the punk culture that took the nation by storm in the 70’s.

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  1. Benjamin Doig

    First things first gentlemen, when I browse this collection I like to think “Uniform Success”.

    While I can think of countless brands throughout the years who have taken their poke at an “English Punk Schoolboy” look, I am confident to think Uniform Experiment will be one to be put aside in the memorable aisle.

    Now if we want to get fancy and throw in some technical terms, the principles and elements of design used in these garments are some to take note on. The daring checkered dress shirts, the unlikely pairing of tints and tones, and my favorite – t shirt with quotes that make no sense.

    While I could start to explain why T-shirts that have edgy words and sayings on them that when read aloud, make no real sense to anyone who has passed grade 1. That’s the beauty of it though – it doesn’t have too. Eastern Asia has been huge on “English written” tee’s for about two years now, and I’m glad to see them creeping in bigger names such as Uniform Experiment. “Fork Devils And Moral Panics” will fall into the slogans belonging to a certain brand – whether the words make sense or not, we have yet to decide. As for the “Fuck Off” printed t-shirt, it may be wise to keep this one for after school and away from mom.

    Most pieces in this collection can be nicely paired with cool and casual style, or my favorite; the crisp and fancy look. Let your imagination run wild with many possibility and outfits for fans for come up with, that will without a doubt give an English badboy feel.

    With the bold colours, edgy statements these pieces portray, they are surely pieces to be picked up this Spring/Summer for anyone who has had – or still has, that teenage angst in them.

    Benjamin Doig

    The Goodie Bag