When presented with the opportunity to showcase the latest project from the Union LA team we immediately hopped on board. “Into The Wild” captures the spirit and direction we’re seeing from many brands today; the Outdoor’s, Americana, and Naval inspired themed wears have taken over the casual looks dominated in yesteryears by athletic, dayglo, and military. A sense of refinement is now being pushed highlighted by this years Fall/Winter offerings. Union took advantage of this “push” by amassing a great editor piece offerings a glimpse of what their current inventory has transformed into.




The settings, mood, compositions, and styling all hit their target’s, and the added humor brings the personality of the Union LA cast to those who haven’t had the privilege of meeting Mr. Chris Gibbs, Ryno, or the few others face to face. The Full editorial will be in upcoming issue of The New Order one you can not miss. Congrats on a well executed shoot guys.