Uniqlo, while it started as a basics line in Japan, has now spread itself around the world, with Flagship stores not only in Tokyo but London and New York. Its affordable quality has become a big hit with many, and in a way to showcase the worldwide appreciation of the brand, Uniqlo’s 3rd Issue of its magazine, ’Uniqlo Paper’ presents each major Uniqlo city in the brands signature style. Its also a chance for Uniqlo to announce its latest project alongside Pantone, which you can read more about below.

This fall, in conjunction with the UNIQLO London store opening in November, UNIQLO has teamed up with Pantone, world-renowned authority on color, for the second time, for a special collection of PANTONE-inspired cashmere. The PANTONE Color Collection of 100% cashmere sweaters offers two styles for men including a crewneck and a cardigan, and for women there is a deep v-neck.  All styles are offered in a palette of 20 official PANTONE Colors. The PANTONE Cashmere Collection sweaters will retail at the affordable price of $129.50 and will be sold exclusively at the UNIQLO New York Flagship, the UT store, and UNIQLO Japan. UNIQLO’s first collaboration with Pantone was the launch of a line of PANTONE T-shirts earlier this year.

PANTONE has long been the source relied upon by professional designers around the world when they want color inspiration, direction and to achieve the perfect color match. This type of perfection is something UNIQLO strives for, and the reason it has teamed up with Pantone. Now, consumers can share in this well-guarded secret and be assured that each sweater is a perfect PANTONE hue. From shades of red to various grays, each sweater is guaranteed to be a perfect PANTONE match.

"UNIQLO’s innovative retail concepts along with its ability to present exciting and extensive color assortments, makes it an ideal partner for us," enthused Lisa Herbert, executive vice president of Pantone’s fashion and home division. "The new PANTONE Color Cashmere Collection is in sync with the latest fashion trends, and will enable customers to find the colors they connect with to express their own individuality."

Each cashmere sweater in the PANTONE Collection will bear a small woven tag resembling the iconic PANTONE Chip, with the UNIQLO logo inside, indicating the unique partnership and assuring the wearer of the PANTONE Color match.