UNIQLO have unveiled that it will launch quality silk and cashmere items through retail and online stores in 14 markets around the world including Japan.  UNIQLO’s new lineup will make silk and cashmere apparel affordable and wearable for every day. Until now UNIQLO’s silk apparel has been available only from its global flagship stores and large retail locations because top grades of the material are so scarce.  In Japan, the company had to limit sales of cashmere items in 2010 to select store because of supply issues.  Today UNIQLO has new partnerships with world-class silk and cashmere producers to maintain steady supplies. British fashion model Lily Donaldson was chosen to promote the silk collection, while American actress Chloe Sevigny is modeling the women’s cashmere range.  World-renowned photographer Ryan McGinley is the photographer of the campaign as well as the model for the men’s cashmere collection.  Artist, Jeremy Everett appears in the campaign wearing men’s broad cloth shirting.