United Bamboo have released the lookbook for their new Spring/Summer 2010 collection, and they have gone all out with the preppy look.

Chinos, seersucker blazers. shorts, button downs… all in the light yet colourful shades that are dominating this coming summer’s menswear trends.   The label’s press release claims that this collection “provocatively plays on and reinterprets the All-American, implementing innovative pattern making techniques and subtle juxtapositions that turn the notion of preppy on its head.”

Its fascinating to see how this trend has developed, its moved so fast that people havent really had to time to examine it in depth, but it has many parallels with the military/combat trouser fad of the 90s.   Like the military look, its been adopted not only for its practical versatility as clothing, but as a rebellious statement reclaiming the items from the military/upper classes and recontextualising them as casual wear, therefore stripping them of their status and meaning…. however also like the 90s trend its rapid adoption by the mainstream means the significance of the movement is being somewhat glossed over.  Regardless of this its a good look and great to see men looking a bit smarter again, although I would recommend leaving the sailors tops and sweaters over the shoulder to the hipsters.


The collection will be available at Opening Ceremony Stores and online at www.unitedbamboo.com.

Thanks to Selectism for the heads up.