valentines day gifts for men

The key to having a successful Valentine’s Day is making it as easy on your lady friend as possible. Keep her in a good mood and you’ll come out on the other side of February 14th just fine.

So, in an effort to make things easy on her, here’s a gift guide that will help her not rip out her hair then take it out on you this Friday.

Forward it to her. Right now. Then go back to planning the beautiful, extravagant, over-the-top VDay that you were certainly right in the midst of planning.

A Subscription to Monocle


You already have a stylish man — that’s obvious because he reads SlamXHype — but if you’d also like him to be a well-informed, worldly man, get him a subscription to the most adult, most entertaining of magazines, Monocle.

Subscriptions start at $50 on Monocle’s website.

Calvin Klein Collection Black Digital Water Print Blazer

valentines day gifts for men

If you’re into weird role-playing sex where you’re a water nymph and he’s water, get him this Digital Water Print Blazer.

If you’re not into that because you’re a normal, sane human, just get him any other suit from SSENSE.

Sigma DP Quatro Camera


If your boyfriend is the kind of guy who can’t seem to take a good iPhone picture of you, step up his camera game with the Sigma DP Quatro.

This is going to have to be a belated gift as the price and arrival date for the camera still aren’t set. So, bookmark Sigma’s website to stay up on new developments.

Mr. Hare Monk in Navyvalentines day gifts for men

Every man needs a good pair of dress shoes for when he wants to take his lady out to a nice classy restaurant. These are a good pair of dress shoes, perfect for any non-francised restaurant.

Get them directly from Mr. Hare’s webstore for $420.

Stelton T Pot and T Cup


If you expect your boyfriend to serve you breakfast in bed, get him something he’ll feel cool serving you with. Stelton‘s tea pot and cup set will do the trick.

Find out more about the set on Stelton’s webstore.

Love Me Robe from Curtis Kulig

valentines day gifts for men

You’ll like this robe from New York artist Curtis Kulig because it has his tag Love Me on it. Your boyfriend will like it because it’s made by Curtis Kulig.

Find one on collette’s webstore.

Matching His and Her Underwear from Me Undies


Do this because it’s hilarious.

Go to Me Undies’ webstore.

The Most Romantic Umbrella

valentines day gifts for men

Though this umbrella is supposedly designed to never turn inside out in the wind, the fact that it also has an overhang to protect a person walking beside its carrier makes it the most romantic umbrella in the history of humanity. You’re welcome.

They each run for €29.95 on Senz’s webstore.

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valentines day gifts for men