The brand Vane was birthed out of the friendship between Eric Poon and his college room mate, Atif Ateeq. Firstly starting off by playing around with graphic tee shirts, like most brands, they quickly wanted to get into designing and creating more apparel.

Their inspiration comes form the streets of New York, the hub of streetwear culture, where people are confident and expressive enough to display very specific and/or very different portrayals of themselves.

Their recent collaboration with footwear producers Sebago has been an on going relationship lasting the previous two and a half years. Vane started to see a few people sporting boat shoes around New York and approached Sebago as soon as they could informing them of the trend about to hatch and paired themselves alongside the classic boat shoe makers in exchange for giving them their design expertise and experience from the streets.

To display their collaboration collection of shoes Vane x Sebago have created their third pop-up store on Rivington Street in New York with a futuristic feel. Very stark and sophisticated, the store offers light boxes to showcase each shoe individually and a computerized light show as a back drop to the store. The positioning of the store being carefully calculated to set them up in the streetwear area of New York with ALIFE sitting just around the corner and a nice community vibe surrounding their store.

Having already displayed two previous pop up stores, the first with a very vintage “Captain Quarters” type feel as if you were on a boat and the second being influenced heavily by the military. This third store is the first one to have collaborated with their partner, media company¬†Strange Matter, who have designed the space.

Eric talks about the streetwear scene and admits the economy had lead designers to take a very safe approach. Making nothing too crazy also means that it ends up eating itself. Eric would rather “give our customers something that they like and relate to but otherwise would not have expected, something that is also important to us is leading our customers somewhere aesthetically too, giving them what they never knew they wanted”.

His favorite thing about New York? “The lifestyle. The women. The people. The women. The hub and the creative culture that this place thrives on and recreates for everyone time and time again, oh, and the women”.

Next up for Vane, the brand is hitting Berlin for Bread and Butter to show their Holiday/Spring apparel. They hope to create more apparell to expand their already exsisting collections and to be involved in more collaborations as successful as their Sebago x Vane one has been.

Photos: Megan Christiansen