New York Brand Vane have released a unique product assortment with their latest capsule collection dealing with the issue of modern piracy and how it has affected the cultural landscape. Taking the concept of piracy and stolen riches, from the depths of a New York workshop Vane has discovered a treasure of buried vintage chains.  Stolen from eras past, they revived 5 styles of chain, and complemented the collection with an original piece, the Focus Camera Pendant, and two tee designs.  All men’s brass plated chains hang 28 inches and retails for $60 USD, while the women’s brass plated chains are 18 inches in length and retails at $45USD.  The pewter Focus Camera Pedant, handcrafted in New York and plated in antique Gold and Gunmetal, retails at $95USD while the tees are both available for $28USD. Available online now at Vane.