Vanishing Elephant has taken a rather unique approach to forming their forthcoming collection One and One. For every classic piece of apparel within the range, something of a more eccentric nature has been included as a counterbalance, presenting an expansive colour palette that swings from bold prints and consuming patterns back to refined, ever-wearing shades.
Fabrications and subtle detailing take centre stage with a core focus on delivering even greater fits throughout. Time spent further perfecting their staple styles that form the building blocks of the collection and delivering these using premium fabrications in a mix of timeless colours, is then contrasted with items in bold prints and seasonal shapes.
Key seasonal additions include quilted shirting in a vivid check as well as an olive linen worker jacket, which is also offered up in a maroon woven Aztec pattern. Chinos and tailored shorts in an array of tones are also turned out in oversized paisley box patterns, monogram-style prints and an embroidered white elephant pattern. Similarly, core shirting in weighted poplins sit alongside paint-speckled prints and polka dot chambray versions. Footwear takes a similar queue with classic suede’s and solid leathers mixed with vibrant coloured soles and the introduction of a traditional brogue style in buffed yellow leather.
This season sees a much-welcomed return to simple pieces with understated detailing, while also satisfying the dual demand for classic cuts in more outlandish patterns and colourways, as has become the Vanishing Elephant calling card. Through mixing the collections lo-fi styles with its more unapologetically exuberant pieces, Vanishing Elephant have struck upon a formula for constructing the ideal daily uniform.

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