The collaboration between Vans Syndicate and WTAPS has become one of the most loved and anticipated collection of footwear each season they are issued. This coming Fall Tet and Vans have worked to create two completely new sillhouttes, the result are three shoes called, Greaserz, Bash, and Rudeez. The Greaserz is intended to be part of the same lineage as the Era, the Sk8-Hi, the Old Skool, and the Half Cab while the Bash has taken inspiration from the skateboard era of the mid to late ’80s before skateboarding was an industry, when skateboarders adapted to what was available and customized everything to suit their own needs. Wile the Bash or BAsketball SHoe is Syndicate’s very first original design offering. The release dates have been penciled in as the The Bash (pictured first below) is expected to release in June, the Greaserz (above and second below) in July and the Rudeez in August.

Thanks to Mashkulture for the info.