I just finished directing a short film named “VARMiNT,” that we shot for 6 days & now in the edit room trying to get put together before festival deadlines.  It was written by an extremely talented friend of mine, Chris Schieffelin.  Our actors were amazing; we had help through a friend who cast Where the Wild Things Are, Hesher, Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, the Hangover II, and more.  She’s ill.  One of our actors, Kai Lennox was just in the new film “Beginners” by artist/director Mike Mills.  We were in production for 6 days & used two cameras, Sony F-35 & Sony F-3.  We used the NEW and unreleased Leica Summilux lenses (only 3 in existence right now), which we got for free and the ruckus was up in Sonoma, CA at our friends vineyard named “Scribe.”  Stay tuned for more updates on the progress, behind the scenes and more here at SLAMXHYPE & on my website Cinematic Journal by KZO!

Stay tuned, it was crazed.

VARMiNT Film Poster – “CORY”

Director of Photography Randy Wedick.

Andrew Mariani of Scribe Winery.

Producers playing their roles.

Producer Katie Malia says “read between the lines!”