Viberg, have a rich history based on three generations of experience as expert craftsmen in the leather goods industry, three generations specifically in making boots. The Viberg tradition of quality comfort and durability continues today and is well interpreted in fashion circles. Fusing together the Logger’s oak sole leather from Australia, the Tricouni® is made in Switzerland, prime upper leather is imported from the United States and their Water Buffalo hides are purchased in Asia.

This hiker boot made with brown mocha rough out suede with the leather specially sourced from bulls for its quality. While the tongue is cow hide, which is a little softer than the bull hide outer. The sole is a Vibram 2021, not so heavy to keep the weight of the boot down, but very tough. Developed from a traditional hiker boot in collaboration with Japanese designers, the outcome is an incredibly stylish boot of the finest quality. Made in Canada by hand this is another hugely impressive piece from Viberg.




Available now from SuperDenim.