Viberg Boot is the definition of a family run factory. Every aspect within the business from the hand lasting, to constructing the uppers and stitching down the uppers to shipping & receiving- is completed by a member of the Viberg Boot family. The tiny factory that has been bustling along these last 40 years in the hundred year old building is in the heart of Canada’s oldest Chinatown on Herald Street. The many corridors and walkways inside the factory are narrow and piled high with old machinery, Horween Leather, Brass Tacks, shelves filled with Vibram Soles and many more components, all waiting to be turned into a solid pair of long-lasting footwear.

The #145 Oxford is the perfect derby style shoe for the everyday guy. It can be combined with various items of clothing and looks equally superb with or without socks– the latter meant for the warmer months of course. The heavy duty midsole paired with the Christy Vibram makes a solid foundation for the hand sewn uppers to reside upon. One element I enjoy the most about these oxfords is that it has an unstructured toe which allows it to really take on the shape of the wearer. The roughness of the suede is another favorite element. It gives the appearance that they’ve already had some face time with the road and aren’t fresh out of the box. Suede has a unique texture; the fibers move under the cuff of your trousers or denim leaving a direction of movement and an added element of interest.

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