We have just shown you the new Spring/Summer 2010 collection from Victim and now we can share this riders jacket with you too.  Its a  collaboration with US company Vanson, who have been making leather jackets for motorcyclists since the mid 70s.  This time they haven’t gone for the punk rock biker look, but have opted for the simpler early 50s style with a quilted lining, that for many will be a lot easier to wear.

The rider jacket is such an endearing staple, many would say timeless but I actually think its very much of its time (the 50s) but all the better for it.  Added to a modern ensemble it adds a nice vintage touch and knowing nod to the heritage of our culture   I can personally vouch for this jacket having owned an amazing brown leather vintage Vanson jacket in the same style which i wore faithfully and with much love until it literally fell apart!

Victim Riders Jacket 1Victim Riders Jacket 2victim riders jacket 3Victim Riders Jacket 4

Available now from Anoutcommune.

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    • Allan

      Man.. i cant tell you how much i loved that jacket! Gutted it bit the dust