Visvim “A Cycle of Craftsmanship” film by Young Kim, is a look at Visvim’s newest store in Kyoto. Opened last year in a 400 year old Kyo-Ningyo (Kyoto Doll) shop, Visvim founder Hiroki Nakamura wanted to keep the history of the store alive, having seen it now move on from its 16 generations of family owners and proud tradition. Behind the glass walls of the store, you can still see much of the same store, and stock, before Visvim, and for those not able to make it to Kyoto, Visvim felt it necessary to show the rest of the world just how amazing this store and its history is. Coming together with Suitman AKA Young Kim, they have produced this great film showcasing the store and its new family Visvim. I was lucky enough to see this film last year and can’t tell you just how good it is, available now at F.I.L stores, I can’t recommend it enough.

Images: HB