The latest release from the Visvim 2010 Spring/Summer collection are these European inspired loafers.

The Visvim Fabro SII-Folk is the new version of the Japanese brand’s take on the classic penny loafer.  Available in smooth black and brown vegetable tanned cowhide, hand-sewn upper and sneaker type sole, it comes with two specially minted silver Visvim pennies.

The second style is new to the Visvim line-up.  The Visvim Albarth Moc-Folk is a lightweight summer slip-on moccasin in canvas with embossed Visvim bridle, based on the iconic Gucci loafer.

The Japanese streetwear scene has dominated the industry for almost a decade now, and Visvim have been one of the brands that have led that charge.  As their reputation has grown they have become more influential across the globe with many fashion houses taking their design ideas and concepts from the looks that Visvim and others have perfected over the years.  However, it is interesting that as the Japanese brand matures and expands its product range, it is in turn looking to Europe and the heritage styles of these high fashion labels for inspiration. It just goes to highlight the circular nature of the industry, but it also gives designers such as Hiroki Nakamura a greater global profile.  We have already seen Visvim showing in Paris, and working with Western brands such as Moncler, and I would not be surprised if Hiroki, or one of his counterparts is offered a high profile role at one of these European fashion houses sometime in the near future.

Available now from the Glade.

2 Responses

  1. Fredrich

    Thats a lofty prediction regarding Hiroki being offer a major role at a European fashion house, in essence Visvim is a “Streetwear” label, i think he hardly has the skills to take on a High fashion house.

    • Allan

      Really? Most streetwear labels are high street quality at best – the concept, design, cut and materials (not to mention cost) of Visvim products makes it a luxury brand . If someone like Kim Jones can end up at Dunhill, I don’t see why Hiroki can’t do the same.