Visvim founder/designer Hiroki Nakamura has often had the eye for unique and unparalleled ideas and concepts, making this news of little surprise. Recently quoted in CODE Magazine, he hopes to open a second hand store next year with a focus on obtaining old product from the brand and again putting them back on the market. While not completely unheard of I am certain the vocal point will be Visvim’s unique retail concept which is already in place, F.I.L., while it remains to be seen whether or not Nakamura will rework the garments to add an even further difference. None the less this makes for very interesting news and something to look forward to.

“…This is the first time I’m telling anyone this. The idea is somehow to buy back and resell, buy back and resell…so, like, then my scene is complete. It will probably happen in 2012.” – Hiroki Nakamura