One of the most colourful periods in Levi’s history is the golden era of Hot Rod and the sharply dressed drivers, spectators and artists that both sported and customised Levi’s clothing during that time. In celebration of this, Levi’s Vintage Clothing have teamed up with one of the era’s celebrated artists, Von Franco, an airbrushing legend who has been customising Shirts, Sweaters, Cars and Motorbikes with his signature ‘Monster’ designs since the 1960’s. Part of this incredibly limited collection, comprising of 35 unique pieces, the Bad 55 sweater features an original Von Franco Monster design individually airbrushed by hand onto one of Levi’s Vintage Clothing’s classic sportswear sweaters and comes with a accompanying book, documenting in detailing each one of the 35 designs. You can score this unique piece of art at End.