Wacko Maria have over the years been very consistent in providing strong collections that nicely abide to a biker-inspired, vintage Americana theme, and the latest Autumn/Winter collection is certainly no different, offering an impressive range of items that again incorporate the “Guilty Parties” Slogan in a variety of more classic tailored pieces from blazer jackets, tees, flannels and shirts most of which have a nice print on the back. One that I particularly like is the one that has the motto “Let’s Have a Wild Time, I Heart Girls” on the back, a design which I’m sure alot of people can relate to. Other than that, the jackets with a lined Cheetah print fabric is also one which I think is rather unique. Take a look at the collection after the jump.

Available now at ARKnets, make sure you head over there for a full look at some other great items from the collection.

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