Want Your Baby To Look Badass? Get Them The Viberg Infant-Sized Infantry Boot

Having collaborated with Viberg myself with THE NEW ORDER, this story makes for very compelling news. The boot maker has rolled out an infant-sized version of the iconic Infantry Boot, below are the words of Guy Ferguson, who sums up this newest release perfectly:

A few months ago, when clearing out a storage room at the factory, we came across an old wooden last in an Infant Size 7.  We thought it would interesting to see if we could adapt our materials and production methods to such a small scale so we set out on making a single pair of Service Boots.  Despite the tiny size we used as many of our usual materials as possible including brass nails, #2 eyelets, and full weight upper and insole leather.  We managed to preserve the stitch pattern, bellows tongue and overall proportions of the adult size Service Boot.  Unfortunately, we have no plans to begin producing children’s footwear, but this sample can be seen on display at VMC in Zurich.