‘Wastelands and Wilderness’ is an exciting installation that explores the worlds and characters created by Parskid and Chip7, two rising talents in the contemporary art scene. BLVD Gallery in Seattle is the location for this epic exhibition that opens on March 14 with an artist reception and runs through until April 5.

Parskid’s work focuses on his interests in dark rituals, mythology, sacrifice and spirituality in a world of lush forests and natural surroundings. This is greatly influenced by the forests of the Pacific Northwest where he works and lives. Parskid’s painting style utilizes a unique detailed way of painting only with spray paint by using various techniques of masking, stencils and brushwork. His work has been exhibited in many cities in the United States including LA and NYC and abroad in Australia, Taiwan, Spain and the UK. His work has been published in the following magazines: Hi-Frustose, King Brown, Overspray, Art Prostitute, Cool’eh, Novum, Beautiful/Decay, Day in the Lyfe, and Dirty Soup as well as published books, Dot Dot Dash, Canceled Flight, War of Monstars, Pictoplasma 2 and Monstaah!. Parskid characters are no strangers to the streets of Seattle and freight train lines of the United States.

Chip7, also with a background in freight train art and graffiti hails from the opposite side of the US. His work explores brightly colored confessions of a clutter brain through science fiction psychedelic fantasy. Chip7 was trying to paint pretty much everything he could shake a stick at around industrial New Jersey,and where ever the wind took him.Years of painting got him some wonderful memories and adventures, people who hate him, like him, and his work in a few books. Fun and some legal problems go hand and hand. His studio work deals with a range of sources including memories and dreams. Subjects range from both personal and historical using a range of materials including found printed matter collage, animation cel paint, oils, and spray paint. While his nickname remains there are no silver block letters being painted on canvas, and he can no longer be found in the layup all weekend. The ensemble cast that are scattered across the many layers,and shapes of his work range from his own creations of eyeball droids, and neon monsters to a few cameos by Asian heroes inspired by his time living in South East Asia. The semi obsessive “paranoid” nature of his current work also deals with theories of global commotion,and catastrophe of the past, present, and possible near future in a somewhat playful manner.

The interactive nature of this joint effort with Parskid will include the use of chromadepth glasses technology to increase the visual experience of the viewer. Their two worlds collide, a technological future and a natural primitive land that become a unified place never before seen. With similar themes in their work but a different view of each of their worlds these artists have come together to create a unique experience for the viewer.