In Spring 2008, powerHouse Books will begin worldwide distribution of Wax Poetics Books with the launch of Wax Poetics Anthology Volume 1 and Wax Poetics Cover Story.

First published in December 2001, Brooklyn-born Wax Poetics hit newsstands with a new vision for music journalism providing a historical perspective most magazines were lacking and creating a bridge between the past and the future. Although originally created for aficionados, the Wax Poetics audience has grown exponentially, making music anthropologists out of average readers. An inspiration to old and new artists alike, Wax Poetics has single-handedly been responsible for renewed interest in overlooked artists, spawning a soul renaissance complete with comeback tours and sophomore efforts. In addition to shedding light into the dark corners of our sonic past, Wax Poetics strives to give new and innovative artists the credit they truly deserve.

For the past six years, Wax Poetics has served as the nexus between music, history, and record collecting. Finally, Wax Poetics expands its reach with the creation of Wax Poetics Books, which will begin distribution through powerHouse Books in Spring 2008.

"powerHouse Books is one of the most culturally relevant publishing houses committed to delivering content that pushes the envelope and asks big questions," says Andre Torres, Editor in Chief of Wax Poetics. "We feel there is a great deal of synergy between pH and Wax Poetics Books, and we look forward to making history with them in the future."

 "How could we resist the simple beauty of Wax Poetics?" adds Craig Cohen, Associate Publisher of powerHouse Books. "They dig deep into a collective consciousness and celebrate love of music with a whole lot a style."

 The first two titles from Wax Poetic Books are:

Wax Poetics Anthology Volume 1 gathers articles from their first five issues into a must-have hardbound edition for record collectors and music connoisseurs alike. This special edition features content from the magazine’s most-coveted issues. Featuring in-depth articles and a bold, graphic, textured façade, this compilation maintains the same collectible traits that make the original issues so highly sought after.

For Wax Poetics Cover Story, Wax Poetics assembled a superstar cast of world-renowned DJs, writers, and collectors, each of whom helped handpick Cover Story’s pastiche of rare, unique, and inspired album covers, producing a work that graphically narrates the vibrant subculture of record collecting through the art of the album cover. Cover Story vividly explores an element of music culture that has withered with the advent of MP3s and digital downloading. Records possess a visual and aural capacity of storytelling. Also, the record cover—eye candy for the music lover—speaks a language rooted in the environment and era of the music itself. And, more intimately, a record can create a profound sense of analogy with its owner, and it’s this relationship that we share.

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