Releasing this month, "We Come at Night" is a new book looking at the the public works of 13 artists as part of the ‘Outsides’ project we mentioned earlier this week.

"A cunning group of street artists is appropriating public spaces with astonishing artistic interventions. We Come at Night introduces the work of thirteen street artists whose artistic interventions are not only aesthetically motivated but also function as razor-sharp social, political and ironic commentary on its surroundings. Featured artists include Akim One Machine, Blu, Brom, Dr. Innocent, JR, Kami & Sasu, Mare 139, Mr. Horse, Nina, Nixfitti, Os Gemeos, Zasd and Zevs. The book contains a DVD with a film documentary by Volker Sattel and Mario Mentrup about the Outsides project initiated by Red Bull."

The Book is available at Gestalten. Thanks to Guillotine for the heads up.