Muccia Prada discloses a new vision for the reconstruction of the Prada Foundation which includes the expansion of the already existing infrastructure and the plan for the inclusion of new exhibitions. “After more than 15 years of activity, the Prada Foundation felt the need to widen its own exhibition spaces and broaden its cultural perspective” quotes Muccia Prada, “ ongoing efforts to widen the Prada Foundation’s range of activities, the new auditorium will make it possible to host various festivals, theater performances, symposia and lectures on literature, art, cinema, design, architecture, philosophy and global media .“ When completed the new Prada Foundation will house buildings dating to 1910, and will have accessible space for a wide and varied types of media events. For those who are willing to make the trip to Milan, the Prada Foundation is most definitely at sight to see for all trendy tourist. Thanks to the Prada Foundation for Images.