I am no blogger. I am no cool hunter. I have updated my own website, naturalborn.com only twice in 15 years. I own two others, wefreekings.com and bonethugsandtypography.com which are just splash pages since going up nearly two years ago. I do not pretend to be anything more than a guy who works and works and hopefully finds things that are worth sharing. I have another blog post on the Arkitip Intelligence page which is basically a running list of 100 of my favorite artists, writers, filmmakers, and designers – basically a new way of looking at approaching blog posting. But despite my digital and informational drawbacks, I do feel I have a unique take on things and I do in fact believe I have something to say. I am an old man now. No doubt. But I love cool shit and isn’t that what a fucking a blog is all about anyway when it is all said and done and typed and posted. Stop in or tune out. Up to you. The rest will be up to me.