Disclaimer: this edition of SlamXGarb is not going to give you advice on how to navigate the socially awkward situations that inevitably arise at Holiday Office Parties. It will not tell you how much spiked cider to consume. Or what stories to definitely NOT tell your boss while standing in line at the bathroom with him. Or how to successfully pull that young intern lady you’ve been trying to sleep with.

It will, however, tell you how to dress for your holiday office party and, as the old saying (sort of) goes, if you dress for success, success will follow.

Billy Reid Suede Bomber Jacket

Holiday Office Party


It’s cold, so stay warm without looking like a shitty penguin with Billy Reid‘s suede bomber jacket.

Make it yours via Mr. Porter’s webstore for $1,495

Gant Rugger Cable-Knit Cotton-Blend Sweater

Holiday Office Party

The Holiday sweater: as obligatory to any Holiday party outfit as a pair of shorts are to a summer festival, but make your sweater stand out with Gant Rugger‘s tough, masculine cotton-blend cable-knit.

Get one form Mr. Porter’s webstore for $220.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1967 505 Slim-Fit Washed-Denim Jeans

Holiday Office Party

If the invitation to your Holiday Office Party calls for “Business Casual” dress, go for it. Don’t just settle for the same slacks you wear everyday, set a relaxed mood with a pair of classic, dressed-down jeans from Levi’s Vintage Clothing.

They run for $295 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

Red Wing Shoes Chukka Rubber-Soled Leather Boots

Holiday Office Party

Red Wing Shoes have been mixing comfort and durability since the company’s founding over a hundred years ago, so take advantage of that tradition with their Chukka rubber-soled leather boots — you won’t be doing any winter-time work in them, but you’ll look like you could.

Buy them off Mr. Porter’s webstore for $250.

Anderson’s Leather-Trimmed Elasticated Woven Belt

Holiday Office Party

This blue woven belt from Italian clothier Anderson will compliment perfectly the deep blue of your jeans and offset the reds and browns of the rest of your outfit.

Get your belt game tight for $130 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.

AMI Ribbed Mercerised Cotton-Blend Socks

Holiday Office Party

Roll up the cuffs of your jeans to reveal another splash of red. Matching your socks to your sweater is the ultimate Holiday Office Party power move.

The outfit is almost complete, go to Mr. Porter’s webstore with $35.

A.P.C. Wool And Cashmere-Blend Scarf

Holiday Office Party

Let the A.P.C.‘s wool and cashmere scarf top off your outfit: wear loose and dangling while you’re at your Holiday party, then simply   add a few loops around your neck when you leave for added winter wind protection.

Done. Protect your neck for $95 on Mr. Porter’s webstore.


SlamXGarb: What To Wear At The Holiday Office Party