White Mountaineering has largely shaped the current climate of street fashion since Yosuke Aizawa founded the label in 2006 based on the core elements of contemporary fashion and his genuine interest in the outdoors. While the Japanese label has developed into a leading name globally, it was the in introduction of the BLK line in 2009 that provides designer Aizawa with an outlet to create on a minimal canvas. BLK proposes a new feel to outdoor wear with high-spec textiles and technology. The line aims for solidity with a single color: black. It releases items with high visual and utilitarian quality, incorporating textiles developed by experts such as GORE-TEX and Schoeller. Here is our exclusive look at the White Mountaineering BLK Fall/Winter 2010 Collection that we compiled with Yosuke Aizawa.

All Rights Reserved © 2011. SLAMXHYPE.

Photography / Rintaro

Hair / Amano

Styling / Yosuke Aizawa

Model / Jean-Baptiste Desplanques