Saturday evening, not much to do… Actually, I went down to the temporary Nike SB pop-up boutique/Made for Skate exhibiton space as I was invited to compete in a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit – the skateboarding edition. 

Mind you, I started skating in the late 80’s and haven’t been actively skateboarding since the late 90’s, so from then til now is a total blank, I have no clue whatsoever about who the hell did what in some random ass Baker or Habitat video I never heard of lol. But Fret Click had to rep anyways, so after arriving fashionably late (Thanks Benny for having my back [||]) I put my rusty knowledge to work.

The other participants were Niels van Ingen from Vans, Michel Hofstetter of Left-fame and Bas Jansen repping Element. Tough competition!

I just remembered Niels and I were on this stupid late night television show called Call TV once, but that’s a whole other story… But long story short, I didn’t win haha. I didn’t do too bad though if I might say so, I expected way worse. It was Michel (who hates Amsterdam, so f u lol) who reigned supreme with his knowledge. Bow down! After the game was the screening of the 90’s video compilation a bunch of us picked which was kinda dope.

Whoever picked the Willy Santos-part, eat shit and die. Just kidding. You know what, look at the screen, name the skater sitting next to Mike Carroll and drop the answer in the comments. Damn that’s easy.

Thanks to Ben G, Toms and the SB guys, my man Vos for putting this evening together, Eelco my newest male supermodel neighbor, Kaspar keeping it extra wavy, and Bjorn for providing the drinks and such, ha. Catch y’all on the next.