Remember Duchamp.   Well Belgian artist Wim Delvoye created his own fountain so to speak.     Is art collectible or revered because it is beautiful or meaningful, or is it art simply because a museum said so?   Wim Delvoye

Good packaging really came in handy here.    Does the presentation make the art?

Yes, this piece of work was on exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC.


What is Cloaca?
Cloaca is a computerized mechanical system designed to mimic the human digestive process.


Estimated to go for around 3000 pounds at Sotheby’s auction-  Will anyone buy this piece of manufactured shit?

I first came across Wim when I saw a documentary about his tattoo work on pigs.




animals were sedated and worked on humanely I might add, he actually claimed to have saved them from becoming bacon by putting them on an eco farm to live out their existence.   Check him out.   He has done some subversive edgy work. The tattoo installation reminds me of the set on the Atomic Dog video by George Clinton- remember all that neon?   (thats Wim in the glasses below)