We recently gave you a look at the new 2010 range from Wings + Horns, which sees the label taking a slightly different approach by launching two distinct collections – Archive, the high quality basics the label is know for, and Research, more statement led pieces.   Now we can take a closer look at the full range with the label’s Spring/Summer lookbook.

Shot on location in Loch Lomond in Scotland by Nicki O’Donnell, it gives a really interesting take on Wings + Horns.  I always associate the brand with a functional, rugged, high-end workwear aesthetic but this offers a much more refined and fashion led approach.  Although still relaxed and casual it mixes it up with more formal pieces like the blazer and mac, offering a really versatile, and more accessible look which will appeal to fans of labels like APC and Albam, as well as the more mature streetwear fanatic.

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Thanks to Goodlife for the info.

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