2013 has kind of been a letdown. Why doesn’t my car fold up into a suitcase? Why can’t I eat 3 meals a day in pill form? Since the future kind of sucks, it’s hard not to pine for the good ol’ days. This is why Wolverine has launched a new video series, which seeks to celebrate those who preserve a time-honored way of doing things.

Released in conjunction with their new No. 1883 Collection, Wolverine’s Kindred Spirits video series focuses on young, artistic individuals who translate traditional crafts into the modern world, and are meant not to promote the Wolverine brand, but rather to celebrate the unique subjects who embody what the 1883 collection is all about. The most recent of these videos (above) follows Dave Kyrejko, founder of the Brooklyn based vodka producer, Industry City Distillery. Click play, and take a peek into the simpler days of yore.

(Yes, we just said yore)

To learn more about the series, click here.


Wolverine Kindred Spirit Video Series