Won is a free quarterly publication produced by Melbourne’s NowNow Gallery. Its first issue released December 2007, so expect issue 2 soon enough. The art magazine’s first issue included works from World Food, Dylan Martorell, Nathan Gray, Hamburger Eyes, Mimmo Cozzolino, Per Englund, Jesse Marlow, Amanda Maxwell, Thomas Stavnes, Tristan Ceddia, Conor O’Brien, Christopher Day, Stefan Marx, Black Dice, MaterialByProduct, Corey Arnold, Vladmaster, Alex Vivian, Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez, Danielle Freakley, Jon Bauer, as well as a small free A5 addition featuring the work of two artists, Melbourne-based photographer Christopher Day and Hamburg artist Stefan Marx, and can be cut and folded down to become an interchangeable 16 page zine that is slightly smaller than A5.