woodwood-karl-bbs Founded in 2002, Brian SS Jensen and Karl-Oskar Olsen have built a brand based on clean design and outstanding creativity. From Wood Wood’s product design and art direction, to its fashion, Wood Wood has been a driving force behind the modern renaissance of Scandinavian fashion. Wood Wood’s street fashion is sought after in all corners of the globe, but this is only a small part of what Brian and Karl-Oskar create and inspire; amongst other things, Wood Wood runs its own professional cycling team. Over the years the pair have collaborated with some massive names, including Medicom, Nike, Vision and adidas, all the while becoming an incredibly credible brand worthy of immense respect.

What were you doing prior to Wood Wood? Have you always worked in the field of design, or around fashion in general?
When I was still in design school, my girlfriend Lotte got a job in Paris at Martine Sitbon, wich was at the time a really cool house. I never really bothered with fashion but as we moved to Paris I really got interested in the scene. We have really learned so many things about the fashion side from Lotte, and she’s currently working on our line for women, as well as being the design coordinator.

Tell us a bit about the concept and philosophy of Wood Wood?
To be active, efficient, moving, living, daring, dreaming and loving.

Is it intimidating to delve into the fashion market as an independent label? I mean, it’s a huge investment and a labour of love, so does it cause worry when so much effort is put into a project?
This is our life, we’ve worked on it non-stop for 5 years; its who we are. In the beginning I didn’t worry about anything, but as we’ve grown I can see that the shit we’ve built creates obligations, not only to our supporters, but also to our beloved crew who is the force in all this. Last time i counted, we were 30 people at the company “ hyttetur” weekend. When you listen to your staff and they’re talking about “us” when they describe the company and they’re placing themselves as a part of the Wood Wood identity, you realise it’s not your solo show anymore. Brian and I are extremely aware of this, and its very inspiring and motivating to move faster and think bigger when the group is tied together like that. We’re convinced this is still a good idea, and that’s what keeps us doing it. The result will follow.

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