This evening Danish Fashion Label WOOD WOOD will open their double denim pop-up store in Hamburg together with YBDPT STUDIO. The pop-up store, located inside the YBDPT STUDIO on Marktstrasse 117 in Hamburg’s St. Pauli neighbourhood, will feature the entire range of WOOD WOOD double denim jeans and jackets throughout the remainder of 2010.

WOOD WOOD’s double denim line is all about simple, clear-cut denim without excess stitching and needless extras. The attention has been focused on only the most basic details and leaves nothing to coincidence, offering a range from stretchy high waist slim fit women’s jeans, to more classic mens silhouettes in premium japanese selvedge denim, dyed and weaved in Okayama, Japan.

Drawing from the principles of the double denim range, the YBDPT STUDIO came up with the concept for the window installation with white stripes applied to the store’s front, giving the optic impression of a complex space despite the actual simplicity of the stripes.

For the interior, Berlin-based artist Gary Summer was brought in to follow up on the concept of the exterior, resulting in an installation of intertwining wooden panels coated in WOOD WOOD logo-tape, yet still leaving the features of the wood visible while also serving as display for the double denim range.

With Hamburg being renowned for its publication industry, WOOD WOOD also decided integrate another on-going YBDPT STUDIO venture – KNIVE – a fanzine publication dedicated to raw and honest character photography in Hamburg, working exclusively with local photographers depicting the city’s atmosphere. For this special edition, Felix Krueger shot the double denim on boys and girls from the neighbourhood on a little excursion through Hamburg by night.

As such, the pop-up store is tied together by the idea of achieving a greater visual result by focusing on the mere necessities and keeping techniques and materials clean and simple at their core.

The pop-up shop will launch tonight November 5 at 19:00 CET.

Photos: Felix Krüger