Only 15 pieces of this Wood Wood X Casio G-Shock watch will be available from Wood Wood’s Berlin retail location this Thursday. Wood Wood are the latest in a long list of brands who have collaborated with G-Shock, again reinforcing how important and influential our growing years were in the evolution of street culture and fashion. It could be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, but ‘streetwear’ (Yes! I said it) is so heavily influenced by what we wanted when we were younger, a constant reinterpretation of our dreams as children. Think back to sneaker culture, and so many peoples reason’s for collecting, how often did you hear the phrase ‘ all the cool older kids had Jordan’s, we couldn’t afford them, but now I can so now I have em all!”… It’s almost the sole reason for streetwear’s ability to resonate with so many and find a niche within the mainstream, it’s also potentially the reason for some lack of integrity or reputation at times, should fashion be about tomorrow or yesterday?