The lookbook for the latest collection from Woolrich Woolen Mills has just been released.  Daiki Suzuki’s take on the American heritage brand this season sees him toning down the outdoor and hunting feel in favour of a maritime theme, based on his love of surfing.

Featuring some of the hall marks we expect from the label including light weight multi-pocket jackets and vests, chambray, hunting style jackets and parkas recreated to be more sympathetic towards the naval inspiration.  Also included are more traditionally marine and beach items such as striped t-shirts, bermuda shorts and yachting jackets, Suzuki’s love of detailed and vibrant patterns is also evident across several items in the range.

A really summery and wearable look form this consistently successful collaboration, which is sadly coming to an end soon.  Its hard to think who else could do this label justice, it would be good to see them go in a whole new direction.  Who do you think would be a good fit?  Ideas below.


Source: Denimaniac

3 Responses

  1. Openzedoor

    That's a fine collection, particular favourites are the navy-shoudered jacket and the scarf. Can't say I'm feeling a lot for the nautical prints, though.

    • Allan

      Those nautical prints are obviously aimed at a more mature audience, which if you look at a lot of the places that sell woolen mills obviously makes up a core part of their demographic.

  2. Andrew T.

    I believe Steven Alan would be an excellent match for the line. One of few who could actually pull it off other than Suzuki. While he's been known to collaborate with outside manufacturers, I'd presume his plate is entirely too full to dedicate the time and breadth of scope necessary to fill the current shoes.
    I actually would prefer it if Daiki Suzuki would stay with this line indefinitely even if it meant abandoning EG.
    This has been my favorite overall non-denim label of all time.