Following on from our preview of the new Spring/Summer lookbook from Woolrich Woolen Mills, The Bureau has given us a closer look at some items in the collection. As a complete look the heritage feel is getting a bit tired, but as these images show Daiki is still capable of producing some great individual pieces, in particular the chambray and checked shirting which is among some of the best on the market.





6 Responses

  1. Gary

    A bit tired? Not for me. maybe for you hype-seekers. The sooner ‘fashion’ moves on and the next ‘look’ becomes cool for you to post about, the better.

  2. Adam Bryce

    It’s like anything – if a subset of fashion or apparel becomes fashionable it becomes tired. Even from a brand perspective, there is an obvious focus internally on being fashionable, or the styling wouldn’t be so, nor would the brand be engaging the media it does. You can’t say that Heritage brands are keeping 100% true to their reproduction ethos, they too are bringing a modern touch to their clothing and by doing so attract a market also interested in ‘fashion’.

    This site is about us as a team posting about what we like, we all share different opinions and come from different backgrounds, we all dress differently and have differing levels of knowledge – but by referring to what ‘we’ post and making assumptions about why we post things is just bitter.. everyone jumps on everyones thing, thats how the world works now, it moves fast, trends become engaging faster, if you’re genuinely just into heritage clothing and not into trends or fashion, why read this site? I’d just read ACL if I were you (but then again ACL’s only been around 5 years or less maybe, so what’s to say ACL’s vision may not change- just for an example), but then have you ALWAYS been all about Heritage, and what heritage? maybe peoples views on what is authentic are different and based on their own personal experience or interests. Maybe some people don’t want to live in the past and can see value in innovation and modern design?

    I founded this site, and my personal views maybe very different to what you expect they are…the purpose of this site, may differ from the assumptions you have made. It’s easy to make comments like that – it shows you don’t think any deeper than what you’re into at the moment, and that it pisses you off. Other people are wearing what you consider ‘yours’ – hmmm, which then could imply perhaps your ‘fashionable’?

  3. Anthony

    to chime in with my 2 cents. I Find it interesting that a brand that has been around for well over 150 year is now being referred to as tired and worth of hype-seekers. I fail to see how tradition, how ever manstream it may seem to be in our lil fashion world, can ever be referred to as tired. There is a reason why brands like Woolrich, Pendelton, Filson still are highly regarded its because of that tradition and quality. Practice makes perfect and I would say in 150+ years of operation I would think they would be pretty good at what they do by now.

  4. Allan

    By tired I meant 2 meant things.

    The first being that if you rock the heritage look head-to-toe you often end up looking ridiculous. London (and I’m sure NYC, LA, Tokyo…) are full of guys who look like lumberjacks, or are about to go yachting. Yet mixed up with other styles the pieces stand out on their own as classics.

    Secondly, heritage seems to be stuck in a retro ghetto. I would argue brands like Visvim and Acronym could be heritage brands for the future… they produce timeless and stylish (as opposed to trendy) garments that are both functional and will last a lifetime. I would like to see their more modern approach adopted by brands like Woolrich.

    Also don’t forget Woolrich Woolen Mills is a fashion brand (its separate from Woolrich, and has been licensed to an Italian fashion producer), Daiki’s tenure there is fairly short (it ends next year I believe) so I would personally like to see him take a few chances and do more than just incorporate a few EG touches into classic Woolrich designs and release them in different colours and materials each season,

  5. Anthony

    RE: Allan

    Got it. Full uniform garb of anything is a no no these days with so many options available. Just a lack of imagination or creativity tends to be the down fall for many who fall back on the uniform look to keep their coolness level right on par with the rest.