"Wooooo: not your momma’s Q & A mag. Well maybe if your momma prefers the retarded interview as opposed to the regular one. If you find yourself uninterested in or just plain bored by your basic Q & A type interviews, pick up a copy of Wooooo Magazine before you completely shut down. It’s effervescently loony quality is really quite refreshing. Founder and rabble rouser (and former Tokion contributor), Jason Crombie’s interview questions come from the same part of the brain as dick and fart jokes but they are also effective in actually pulling some realness from his subjects. In the newest edition of Wooooo, Crombie manages to be crass without absolutely insulting the likes of Parker Posey, Aurel Schmidt and Nate Lowman. Asking questions like, “Would you date a girl with a wooden leg? What if it was made out of Balsa and it blew around on windy days and bopped you in the head all the time?” or “Being a gallerist…do you ever liken yourself to a pimp? Like the artists are your bitches?” Crombie even claims he chased down Talking Heads front man David Byrne as he rode his bike down Houston Street in New York only to ask him about his hairy arms. Sheesh. With his gonzo-journalist type antics Wooooo is definitely a humorous read–it’s like bathroom lit for the cognoscenti."

Check oth the Wooooo website for more info… if you really need it.

Words and info from Tokion