Right thinking comes with self-knowledge. Without understanding yourself, you have no basis for thought; without self-knowledge what you think is not true.

You & the world are not two different entities with separate problems; you and the world are one. YOur problem is the world’s problem.YOu may be the result of certain tendencies, of environmental influences, but you are not different fundamentally from another. Inwardly we are very much alike; we are all driven by greed, ill will, fear, ambition, & so on.Our beliefs, hopes, aspirations have common basis. We are one; we are one humnaity, though the artificial frontiers of economics & politics & prejudice divide us. If you kill another, you are destroying yourself. You are the center of the whole, & without understanding yourself you cannot understand reality.

We have an intellectual knowledge of this unity but we keep knowledge & feeling in different compartments & hencewe never experience the extraordinary unity of man.

-J Krishnamurthi : The Book of Life-

Got a lot of love & respect for this great thinker.

Be Well.