Work Not Work Interview

Work Not Work is a menswear label designed by Adam Howe and Simon Taylor. Presented as Edwardian Counter Culture, their SS12 capsule will be followed by a full AW12 collection. POST NEW recently caught up with the designers to talk about their design backgrounds, influences and inspirations and the conception of Work Not Work. Read the entire article here.


POST NEW: Are we seeing a strong manifestation of your personal taste in Work Not Workʼs pieces?

Work Not Work: Yes, personal taste is definitely at the heart of it. We tend to draw from our experiences growing up, our father’s father’s and their professions, many of the memories spent with the working people around us and those who really knew how to enjoy life. That’s the difference between styling and designing. As a stylist you create a controlled image but as a designer you have to create something tactile.

Work Not Work S/Sʼ12 saw a collection that was strongly inspired by work wear – but rather than the patent ʻAmericanaʼ take on the trend weʼve seen come to the fore in recent seasons, your interpretation is almost tougher, in a decidedly British sense – drawing on the factory floor and industrialism. Can you expand on this?

Simon Taylor: Replicating classic work wear has become something of a trend over recent years but we’re more interested in an interpretation of the worker aesthetic. We draw on counter culture, mixing a wide variety of influences that share a common thread. Basically the ideal of Work for the love of what you make rather than purely a commercial means to an end.

Adam Howe: I’m glad you picked up on that. The romantic preoccupation with Americana has borne some amazing replications. However ʻScuttlersʼ are so much more mysterious than ʻcowboysʼ. 
Pre denim work wear from Edwardian slums, the everyday three piece suit, mended, handed down, miss matched but always immaculately turned out on trade unionists, trouble makers and poets, full of anecdotes and mischief that weave our histories together.