Bertie and WWR is the creation of Ashley Wood world renowned artist and illustrator. Big Shot Toy Works teamed up with Ashley to create the best possible representation of his work. As HUGE fans of Ashley Wood, this is definitely the type of a project that BSW felt deserved special care and attention, that only someone with great care and respect for the source material can bring to the life. Wood is responsible for the design and aesthetics of the bot and acessories.

BSTW did all the sculpting and 3D development of the figure, and to manufacture this monster they partnered up with the world famous 3Zero the company that is known

for their incredibly insane attention to detail and projects with Jason Siu, Michael Lau, Eric So, Brothersfree and many many others

This figure is done primarily to show what is possible in terms of design and latest state of the art manufacturing techniques Bertie is over 14" tall and has 46 points of movement

will come with a full arsenal of weapons and accessories to kick your ass.

The Figure will be released at NY Comic Con in April then the plan is to start Mission specific verisons, Arctic , Jungle , Ninja, Stealth as well as a few special collaborations with various Artists and Clothing brands whose brand aesthetic fits well with the theme of this porject, in the meantime you can check for updates at

Be sure to also check for updates at and