Upon returning to Japan from the States I heard news of a lot of rain over that past few weeks so to find Tet from WTAPS write this pieces it was no surprise. Spring usually the season of the beautiful Sakura which follows the snow and prepares everyone for the rain season seems to be far from. Tet has detailed many creations from WTAPS which resist the rain with upcoming items from their Spring/Summer collection, to boast he has described the "A-Frame” and “Vallet” with destinction along with the "Sherpa” and “Para Smock”.  Tet adds something which you may or may not know, "FYI, GORE-TEX® is not about the nylon material, but it is a material in a film form that is highly breathable but yet water repellent allowing sweat to get out, but not letting rain get in. When it is made into a product, it is laminated into one piece by sandwiching the water repellent properties between the front fabric and inside fabric; it is something that you cannot see."

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