The radically innovative Yohji Yamamoto has enjoyed many milestones over a career that debuts in 1977, now the Japanese designer can add  ten year of success with Y-3 and here is a trailer of a documentary entitled Yohji Yamamoto: This is My Dream in which director Theo Stanley shadows Yamamoto for several months as he readied the performance-based Y-3’s spring/summer 2010 collection. In addition football legend Zinedine Zidane, the highly coveted footballer who has been the Y-3 ambassador since 2006 was on hand at the opening of the new Y-3’s London store to talk to NOWNESS to discuss his attachment to the label.

Yohji Yamamoto:

How would you describe Y-3 as a collaborative project?
Distant DNA got married and had a successful baby. You have to [treat] Y-3 [like it is] an independent human. In that way the brand already has its own character.

How does the collaborative process between you and Adidas work?
Adidas is a very personal inspiration to me. It has enriched my creative life. Both teams are in constant contact and communicate continuously. There are many meetings to develop the collection together. It’s an important exchange between different cultures and different ideas.

Do your catwalk collections inspire Y3, and vice versa?
Both sides are a totally free and creative process, the two worlds are parallel.

How did you find the experience of being shadowed by the documentary team?
They have been very respectful and non-intrusive––I hardly noticed that they were around!

Zinedine Zidane:

You’ve been with Adidas for most of your career. What appealed to you about Y-3?
It’s a natural extension, as I’d worn Adidas on the pitch for performance for so many years. Adidas had this genius and subtle idea of bringing sports into fashion with Y-3, and they managed this fusion perfectly.

You took to the catwalk for Y-3’s SS10 collection––how was that?
It was a special moment because on this same day I was able to meet Yohji Yamamoto. I’d never done anything like that before in the past. For me it was something completely new but exciting.

Have you learned anything style-wise from Yamamoto?
I’ve been lucky to find that Y-3 fits the way I live on a daily basis. I have not changed as Y-3 is just a perfect match.

Have you kept any memorabilia or jerseys from your footballing days?
I gave a lot away but I kept some key ones. I still have my jersey from the 1998 World Cup final with Brazil, and the gold and white Predators [Adidas football boots] I was wearing at the 2006 World Cup that were created specially for me. If I’d listened to my friends I would have nothing left!

What is your average day like now that you’ve finished playing professionally?
Everyday I’m training a little and that’s why I wear Y-3. I want to be fit for life.