So it’s been a busy week and a half and there have been no posts for sometime. Serious backlog is upon me.
Let’s see, last week Tristan and I drove to Canberra to see the Martin Bell of Martin Bell fame open his sculpture at New Acton. It was the same sculpture ‘Cowboy Style’ I had commissioned for Batteries Not included reassembled as a collaboration with Anat Ben-David from London/Israel. It was also the launch for the amazing Soft Sculpture exhibit at the NGA – so it was a pretty big thing.

Good Point

Yeah Nineties portraits.

This was at the National Portrait Gallery – I hadn’t seen this before.

I knew the Askill boys were gonna be in Canberra too – they came to the launch of a portrait show that had their mother Adrienne’s painting in it and there it was.

Howard Arkley

Sidney Nolan – kinda like a Rhys Lee right!?!

Who was this again Tristan?


Rick James, Bitch!
Just kidding.

I forget

Paul Worstead

I forget again.

This was rad to see in the portrait gallery.

Then we hit the Soft Sculpture show and found Marty.

Christopher Langton


Oldenburg drum kit!

This Chuck Close was just hanging tough in the middle of nowhere!

Caught up with Daniel

Then made it to why we came.

Check out Martin’s sculpture here:

This was Canberra to me!